​A simple guideline to installing a drainage pipe begins with determining the route the pipe will follow.
Next, decide on the kind of pipe you want to use. Certain places may be best suited for closed pipes which can be flexible.
From there, dig the trench. It should be about 8-10” wide and 18” deep.
It should also be firm and sloping downwards towards the direction of the drainage. Line the trench with a bit of gravel to level it off.
​For open pipes, level the pipe with filter fabric. After doing this, proceed to install the pipes. 
Closed pipes can be connected directly to the drain source after being unrolled on the ground. Open pipes, however, should have their holes facing downwards and the filter fabric wrapped around the pipes as it continues. Once the downward gradient of the pipes is alright, refill the trench ensuring minimal disturbance to the pipes, especially the filter fabric.